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Welcome to the official website for Louis Killen, renowned singer, musician, and storyteller of British oral tradition. Louis’ distinctive voice and personality married his Geordie accent and perspective to the powerful emotions of the songs he performed. He sang both acapella and accompanied, solo and in groups, such as The Clancy Brothers, and his repertoire included a broad range of British, Scottish, Irish,  Australian, and American traditional music.

Over a career spanning 50 years and three continents Louis greatly enjoyed his association with fellow musicians and his audiences.  He believed the songs he sang to to be the songs of the community, and his role was to spread the music he loved.  He was always grateful to his early mentors, Ewan McColl and A.L. Lloyd, and 


Though he played many instruments, Louis preferred the Wheatstone English Concertina and became known for his unique harmonic accompaniments.

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